Hakobyan Yuri 1972-1981 Main Architect of Nagorno-Karabakh

Hakobyan Yuri (1972-1981)  was a Main Architect of Nagorno-Karabakh and a Head of Construction. Person who was the author of many architectural projects and building construction. He was born in 1929.After graduation from the Baku Polytechnic Institute, he obtained the specialty of an architect. Awarded several government awards.


His architectural works in Nagorno-Karabakh-

We and our mountains (Tatik Papik).

Monument to Stepan Shaumyan.

Central Park of Culture and Recreation.

Memorial complex of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 in Stepanakert.

The building of the Musical College named after Sayat-Nova, which later was restored in 2017.

Famous Three Cranes and many more beautiful projects. Yuri Hakobyan was a member of the Union of Architects of the USSR.

On May 17, in the street of Vazgen Sargsyan, the bas-relief of Yuri Hakobyan was opened.

The honor of opening the monument was granted to Mayor of Stepanakert Suren Grigoryan and son of Yury Akopyan Mikael Hakobyan.

“His work has become part of the history and cultural life of Stepanakert. We must honor and cherish the bright memory of Yuri Hakobyan, ” – said the mayor.

Author of the Albert Harutyunyan’s  bas-relief.

The event was attended by art lovers, relatives and ffriends of Yuri Hakobyan, and also residents of Stepanakert.


Yuri Hakobyan was married and had two sons.


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