The Artsakh people against bank financial system

Dear Artsakh, for the second month as an initiative group of men Arsen Atajanyan, Artur Yeghiazaryan, Arthur Osipyan, Tigran Petrosyan, David Karabekian, Rafael Ananyan, Volodya Petrosyan, who are puzzled by the current difficult social situation of the citizens of Artsakh and the desperate situation in the sphere of loans and debts, have initiated a meeting to discuss and solve a number of problems. Debt bondage and insolvency of the population threaten the collapse of the economy and irreversible social consequences!

Yesterday, on September 5, 2018 at 15:00 a meeting


was held between the members of the initiative group and the state minister G. Martirosyan, Finance Minister A. Harutyunyan, the Director of the Investment Fund A. Mirzoyan and the Director of the Agricultural Fund T. Tsatryan to discuss issues and their reasonable decisions , the debt of the population.A large part of the population of Artsakh is facing a debt burden, because it is impossible to pay debts or loan payments Even successful businessmen and farms are forced to turn off their business, sell their property (or lose their property), and even leave their homeland, for which, two years ago, they sacrificed their lives in the April war.

That’s all 10 questions about which was the main speech, which were handed over to the State Minister.

The initiative group thanked the State Minister and the other participants in the meeting for the desire to listen and take action to resolve the accumulated problems.

“We count on the support of the authorities, they are also part of the Artsakh and our people are in a desperately critical situation. The situation may get out of control if the people rebel against the banking . That’s why, we expect to support and improve the conditions, in particular amnesty for problem loans and total changes in the sphere of lending. In the worst case, many families will be left homeless and this threatens the massive migration of our citizens from the country which every day is awaiting war, “one of the active participants of the initiative group, Artur Osipyan, told an interview to


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