Khachmach, almost gone out of people

Khachmach is one of the oldest settlements of Askeran region. The name of the village has many different meanings. According to one version it named so because of numerous cross-stones and church buildings located on the territory of the village. There is another version: once lived four brothers in honor of whom are named villages in Artsakh. So it named after one of the brothers Khach. Cross-stones and churches on the village show its ancient history.

The Church Of St. Stepan was built in 1651, and in 2007 was restored by benefactor Seiran Karapetyan. Every Sunday local priest Father Arakel holds worship. By the way, couples usually married in this church.

According to the head of the village Raphael Grigoryan population of Khachnach is 240 people. One part of population is engaged in livestock and agriculture, another part works in the school and in the creative center, and third part works outside the village. The territory of Khachmach is equipped with gas and water. But Khachmach is almost gone out of people. The head of the village said that one of the problems is the lack of a kindergarten.

In 2005 thanks to financing of public fund “Hayastan” and the Armenian Government in the village was built a creative center which is the center of the village, the art center, the medical center and library.

The school named after hero of Artsakh Liberation Movement Sh. Sargsyan. “It was built in 1993. At first it was eight-year school, in 1992 it became secondary. The school has 35 pupils. Teachers are enough”, – says the director of the school Serob Mnatsikanyan. Last year was built a playground for children.

“Fund “Khachmach” formed in 2009 is important for us”, – said the head of the fund Serob Mnatsikanyan. Thanks to it we paved roads in the village (498,5 sq km), paved road from north to south. Fund also helps school and young families. It also have Board of Trustees.


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