“Heaven’s gate” has finished filming on the territory of Artsakh. Next is filming in Europe.

Filming of the movie “Heaven’s gate” has ended in Artsakh.

“I want to say thank you to my team and everyone who is always by my side during filming. Me and my team went through many hardships and overcame all obstacles, so finally we are here and we have what we have”, said the director of the film Jivan Avetisyan.

“Also, I want to say that in movie starring such foreign actors like Richard Zammel from Germany, Tatiana Spivakova from France and favorite Armenian actor Sos Janibekyan”, said the director.

By the way, the movie “Heaven’s gate” is the third collaboration of Jivan Avetisyan and Sos Janibekyan.

“He is an amazing man, an incredibly talented actor who gives a lot of support to director.  Who is willing to live with the director at least 100 years of solitude; passing through a lot of troubles comes out the winner”, assures Jivan Avetisyan.

Next is scheduled filming in Europe and post production of the film.



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