Large-scale military exercises to be held in Azerbaijan.

On September 17-22, according to the plan approved by Ilham Aliev in Azerbaijan, various units of the Armed Forces will carry large-scale operative-tactical exercises. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

The ministry reveals that the scenario of the military exercise is to attack Artsakh and break the defenses of the Armenian troops there in several directions.

That exercise also involved:

  • 200 tanks and armored vehicles,
  • 120 rocket and artillery,
  • 30 military aircrafts, fighter and bomber planes, helicopters.

According to the study, we can say that the Belarusian “Poloneze” fire-fighting systems and Israeli LORA operative-tactical rocket complexes, which was acquired by Azerbaijan in June, were also included in the exercise.

“This exercise will be ready for possible provocations from the army combat training level, and in Artsakh is ready to protect. As for the name of Artsakh, Babayan mentioned that it was not a secret.Regardless of their name, all their exercises are directed against Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia, against the Armenian people, ” Davit Babayan said.

Remind, the last large-scale military exercises in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were held on July 2-6 this year.


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