Preparations for the filming of movie “Heaven’s Gate” begin

Currently, preparations are being made for the European filming of the movie “Heaven’s Gate”. Jivan Avetisyan, Lithuanian director of photography Rittis Kukulis, producer Kestutis Drazdauskas and Erica Furman are discussing the upcoming work in Lithuania.

The director notes that the basis for the film “Heaven’s Gate” was the Armenian-Lithuanian-German cooperation. We are very happy and inspired that this basis was served by history of Artsakh.

“This is my third cooperation with the Lithuanian side, in particular, with Kestusis Drazdauskas after the films “Tevanik” and “The Last Resident”. And with Mark Gillis from Germany, on the first, but sure, not last time. I am glad that with such great projectors, we will create no less a great film about Artsakh, and spread it around the world”, says J. Avetisyan.



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