Why judoist Ferdinand Karapetyan will not participate in the World Championship in Baku?

Ferdinand Karapetyan, who won the title of champion in the European Judo Championship in 2018, made a note in his Facebook page noting that he would not participate in the World Championship in Baku. Reported by armsport.am.

Azerbaijan officially refused to secure the Armenian delegation’s security at the FIFA World Cup to be held on September 20-27, but Karapetyan said that the international commission has voiced that question and he is going to Baku: «I have no good news».

We came to Tbilisi to leave for Baku to participate in the World Judo Championship, but coming here we knew that Azerbaijan does not provide us with security guarantees.

That’s why our country did not allow us to go there.

Of course, for any athlete this is a very offensive and painful thing since . We have been preparing for this tournament for a long time. In any case, we did what we could, “said Ferdinand said.



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