«Varkamania» It is one of the most severe diseases of the 21st century. More than 20 years have passed since the 90s, and banks, credit organizations and foundations have begun to form.

This 20-year experience has shown that a large part of our population is exposed in an extremely vulnerable position due to loans, due to which the mortgaged property is put for sale at a price below the market price at the auction.

And after losing money and staying at the blacklist of the banking system, they are deprived of the opportunity to get a loan.

Here Varks.am comes to the aid, which does not accept the black list of banks.

Here we conclude that Varks.am is either our savior or the fighter.

It’s a sad that some of the defenders of our homeland are often in the queue of newly opened Varks.am in Stepanakert. Opened a branch in Stepanakert, they have helped our citizens do not get to Goris to obtain credit but they also help the citizens who are in a difficult situation, by putting them in a more difficult situation.

Artsakh Government published annual statistics, which show economic growth. But why is the queue of Varks.am increasing in the country with a GDP growth of more than 16%?



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