Armenia and Iran will implement the idea of the HPP on the Arax River

Armenian and Iranian energy departments set up working group on hydropower plant project on Arax River. Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Garegin Baghramyan told Sputnik Armenia correspondent.

Since 2006, Armenia and Iran have begun the construction of two hydropower plants on the Arax River. The memorandum on construction was signed in 2011. However, the construction projects failed in 2012, when the EU has set an embargo on Iranian oil. Afterwards, the project was frozen because Armenia had waited for investments from Iran.

According to the preliminary idea, the capacity of the Meghri HPP will be 130 megawatts and will be about 800 kilowatts per year (which is 10 percent more than the total electricity produced in Armenia in 2017).

“In discussing these issues, the working group decided powers the plant and prepare the basis for the technical tasks and projects”, – said G.Bagramyan.


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