“The Russians donated Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan”.- Elizabeth Queen

In the congratulatory messages  Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain on the occasion of the Independence Day of Armenia, he was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia. This was reported by Lragir.am.

Queen Elizabeth said in a message. “I am very happy to send my congratulations on your national holiday, especially this year when Armenia celebrates the centennial of the foundation of the First Republic of Armenia. This is an occasion to remember close historical ties between our countries and I expect our friendship and cooperation to continue. ”

In May 1919 with the support of British troops was the liberation of Nakhchivan from Turkish-Turkish troops. Later, the Russians donated Nakhchivan to Azerbaijan within the framework of the Russian-Turkish agreement.

There are also negative episodes in relations with Britain. In general, any development in politics is meaningful in the conditions of an independent state. The mention of the First Republic by the leaders of the two leading Western states is remarkable after the changes in Armenia.

It should be noted that the First Republic fell due to Russian-Turkish aggression and separatist agreements.

The territories of Armenia were divided between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

These treaties expire in 2021.

Russia and Turkey lost the World War I and solved their problems at the expense of Armenian interests and territories.




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