Gurgen Gabrielyan 1927-2005

Gurgen Gabrielyan is one of the best representatives of contemporary Armenian children’s poetry, who first speaks with a child psychologist in his language and child with special clarity and kindness.

Due to a good understanding of the child’s inner world, he found his unique style. Gurgen Gabrielyan was also a singer-band collector.

He was not merely a literary educator, he was also a politician during the Artsakh Movement, a first line soldier.

Gurgen Gabrielyan was born in 1927 in Khantsk village (now NKR Askeran region).

In 1949 he graduated from Stepanakert’s two-year pedagogical institute, in 1954, the Faculty of Philology of the Azerbaijan’s Distance Pedagogical Institute.

From 1940 to 1950 he worked as a teacher of Armenian language and literature at Basara village secondary school.

From 1950 to 1960, he taught at school in the village of Sznec.

In 1960 he was the director of the Stepanakert Folk Workers’ House, in 1963-1966 head of the Cultural Department of the NKAO Regional Council, editor-in-chief of the Radio Program Committee in 1966-1971, 1971-1974, 1978-1988, head of the cultural department of the “Soviet Karabakh” newspaper, 1974-1976 Stepanakert’s M. Director of the Armenian State Dramatic Theater named after Gorky.

Sero Khanzadyan wrote, “Your characters are strong… You see the beauty of the human soul, the light, the good. You are an honest morality teacher and your wonderful poetry helps young readers to know life and to create life. ”

From 1988 to 2005 he published 13 books.

Among them are “Stars of Astghashen, “Artsakh cuisine”, “Blue vein”, “The House of God”, “Artsakh Music” and others.

From the first day of the Artsakh movement G Gabrielyan woven his enthusiastic songs of patriotism.

Gurgen Gabrielyan, is a friend of all Armenian children.

Each song of Gurgen Gabrielyan is Artsakh, like the people of his homeland are open and honest.

In the same building where he lived Gabrielyan, the monument was installed on the wall.

In Gurgen Gabrielyan accumulated our folk songs, music, humor and inexhaustible ability to create.


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