Today is Stepan Shahumyan’s birthday

Stepan Shahumyan was born on October 1, 1878 in a worker’s family. 1889-1898 he studied at the Tiflis Comprehensive School. He was involved in student underground groups, created and led the “Tsiatsan” youth multi-branch organization to communicate with the social-democratic movement and entered into the RSDLP. In the summer of 1898, he left for St. Petersburg and took up a revolutionary job there, and in the autumn he entered the Riga Polytechnic Institute, where he studied until April 1899.

Due to the material hardship, he left his studies and returned to Tiflis to work as a proofreader in the Novoye Obozreniye newspaper. In the summer of 1899, in Jalaloghli (Stepanavan), he created the first Marxist group in Armenia.

In August 1900, the Riga Institute of Polytechnic was re-enrolled, where he studied illegal Marxist literature, closely interacted with the local Social Democrats, and participated in revolutionary speeches.

In the early 1901, Shahumyan, with his advanced Armenian students, created the Theoretical Marxist group and became an organizer of the Riga student’s revolutionary speeches, actively participating in the All-Russian Students’ Conference (February 1902).

In March 1902, Shaumyan was expelled from the institute and expelled from Transcaucasia.

In Tbilisi, he continued his revolutionary activities.He joined the Tiflis Committee of the RSDLP in order to organize a workers’ protest in the May Day demonstration. On May 19, Gazaros Aghayan publicly delivered a political speech on the 40th anniversary of literary and pedagogical activity, demanding a decisive struggle against the ruling class.

In the summer of 1902, under the leadership of Shaumyan, the Union of Armenian Social Democrats was established as an integral part of the RSFSR, which in October published the first Armenian newspaper Proletariat. Which was highly appreciated by Lenin.

In the autumn of 1902, he went abroad and was admitted to the Faculty of Philosophy and Law, to the Berlin State University.

In the spring of 1903, was a first met with Lenin in Switzerland, after which an indissoluble bond appeared between them.

Stepan Shaumyan was the companion and friend of Lenin.

On behalf of Lenin in 1904, in Geneva, he headed the Armenian and Georgian Marxist literary committee, which was associated with the Central Committee of the RSDRD. He worked a lot among Armenian students in Europe and directed the activities of his revolutionary party and exposed nationalists.

In 1915-1916 he worked in the newspaper Bopba, condemned the criminals of the Armenian massacre. On March 7, 1916, Shaumyan was arrested in Grozny and taken to Baku.

“The solution of the Turkish-Armenian issue should be left to the population of that region, which should decide its fate …”, S. Shahoumyan said.

Shahumyan’s grave is in Baku, but it has been destroyed.


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