World’s first full-scale passenger capsule revealed in Spain.

The American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, which develops the high-speed train Hyperloop, unveiled the first passenger capsule in the world, breaking the vision of the future of transport.

“The capsule, 32 meters long and weighing 5 tons, will be moved to Toulouse, France, to make the last technical adjustments ”, –  noted “Bloomberg”. Named the Quintero One, the product is made almost entirely out of composite material.

The capsule is able to carry up to 160,000 passengers a day.

Hyperloop’s ultra-high-speed train project was created thanks to American billionaire Ilon Mask, prompting several companies to join the race to build a high-speed transportation system.

Superspeed system is a closed tube, in which a train can travel at a speed of 480 to 1,220 km / h.


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