Nairuhi Alaverdyan

Born in 1941 on June 25 in Stepanakert. The daughter of writer and playwright – Isaac Alaverdyan. In one of her interviews, Nairuhi admitted that she loved her father most of all, but her mother was always her adviser.

“My father never scolded me, and my mother always showed the right direction.”

In 1968 she graduated from the Music School. Komitas, in Stepanakert, and in 1980 – Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Philology.

“My biggest mistake was that I got into that car because of which I was injured due to an accident.”

But the singer did not despair, she regained her strength thanks to her mother.

“Nairik, daughter, people love you so much, you should pull yourself together and start singing. People are waiting for you! ”,- Nairuhi’s mother wrote in letters.

During the Artsakh war, N. Alaverdyan stood next to the freedom fighters and inspired them with her songs.

The repertoire included songs of the CIS and foreign-folk songs.

Tours were in France, Greece, Bulgaria, Iran and other countries.

“We left Artsakh, with the thought that we should be exemplary everywhere, because we represent Artsakh. Many countries even did not know about Artsakh. We promoted our art. We  explained who we are, where we come from, and who our heroes are. ”

In 2000 she was awarded the title “People’s Artist of Artsakh”, in 2001 she received the Order “Mesrop Mashtots”, in 2016 “Honored Artist of Armenia” in 2016.


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