Jean Andrian 1926-1989

Jean Andrian was born in 1926 in a rural intelligent family.

In 1952 he graduated from the philological faculty of Yerevan State University. In Stepanakert, he was invited to head the department of the newspaper “Soviet Karabakh”, and for 20 years he not only covered the cultural life of the region, but also revealed talented people, helping them to become independent.

His articles told about cultural problems in the region, which contributed to the further development of this sphere.

In early 1950, Jean Andreian’s name appeared on the pages of the newspaper. He wrote reviews about new books and theatrical performances. From the first articles it became clear that there is an intelligent and mature literary expert in the region. Years later, his testimonials became a desirable requirement for all writers in Artsakh, so his thoughts were vital. Articles were analyzed professionally. “… If they wrote a novel, Jean must say his weighty word, write a poem, Jean must write a characterization, a new play, should be evaluated as a theater critic,” wrote S. Khanyan.

One of the most striking results of Andriyan’s activities was to support the creation of a “Karabakh” state artistic ensemble (after the theater and the NKAO song-dancing ensemble), which was called “Artsakh”, in accordance with the idea of Jean Andrian. Naturally, Baku could not afford such an “obscenity” of the ensemble and his director, professional musician and a wonderful person, Henrikh Barhudaryan. They opened a criminal case, arrested the leader and the group fell apart. Another feat Andriyan was the preservation of cultural monuments of Armenia.

At a joint meeting of the party of the regional bureau of the party and the regional executive committee, they not only included a list of architectural monuments preserved by the state, but also made a special decision on the reconstruction of the Gazanchetsots church. Thus, the representative of the Azerbaijani authorities B. Kevorkov, headed by Baku, begins the process of liquidation of Jean Andriyan. It did not frighten him, he was sure that he did everything rightly. At the plenum of the NK party on December 3, 1971, Jean Andrian called for the restoration of the Gazanchetsots church, which was removed from the list of architectural monuments protected by the state of Shushi.

“I clearly and clearly stated that the ideological work of our region should pay great attention to the international education of people. Sometimes even the wrong solutions to small problems cause big problems. Here is a vivid example: the Ministry of Culture of the Azerbaijan SSR removed the Gazanchetsots Church from the list of state-controlled architectural monuments of Shushi, that is, left all Azerbaijani monuments and removed the only Armenian monument, ”wrote Jean Andrian in his letter to the CPSU.

At the same time, Jean Andryan taught at the Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute. According to eyewitnesses, his lectures were from different courses, regardless of whether they passed this subject or not. Apparently, the cousins did not like this glory. He was dismissed from work and from the library, as well as from the institute. PhD was able to work only at school and then he had a few hours. In a word, they did everything to make Jean Andrian leave Karabakh. He went to Yerevan, but did not give up. He wrote letters to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, sent telegrams with the aim of restoring justice.

These efforts did not remain without consequences. For several years he suffered several heart attacks, and in 1989, Jean-Andrian died.


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