Oleg Lazar Pirumyan (Olejka) 1953-1992

Oleg Lazar Pirumyan was born on May 4, 1953 in the family of military commissar Lazar Pirumyan and teacher Anna Alekseevna. He studied at the 8th school. In 1972, graduated from Stepanakert’s Sayat-Nova college, he began his career as a music teacher at Komitas Music School. In the late 1970’s, he created a “vocal” vocal-musical ensemble. Which has succeeded well beyond Stepanakert. All the participants became famous musicians. Then younger groups appeared in “Snowdrops” and “Arevik”. Olejka’s works were dominated by the repertoire.

Today there are three wonderful music ensembles in Stepanakert: Jazz Orchestra (Tigran Lalayan),

Pop-Orchestra (Ashot Lalayan)

and Chamber Orchestra (composer Ashot Lalayan).

The three leaders are Oleg Pirumyan’s talented students. Davit Mirzoyan continues playing drums.

Many students like Khachatur Harutyunyan, Gasparyan Karen,

Artyom Lalayan,

Susanna Melkumyan, Eddi Arushanyan, are in Russia and Armenia. Unfortunately, his beloved guitarist Garnik died and Osipov Vadim and Baziyan Karen became well-known doctors.

In 1991 Olejka voluntarily went to the front. The beloved guitarist has been brought home twice, asking him not to go back to the barracks to explain the value of the musician. And he replied: “If my students are fighting, I can not sit at home.” Later, bass guitarist Khachik described how he was surrounded by enemies. He was helped by older guardians, including her beloved teacher Oleg.

On May 4, 1992, he celebrated his 39th birthday and four days later on May 8, he was heroically killed during the liberation of Shushi.

Oleg Pirumyan has two daughters Arevik and Sofi, 5 grandchildren, Olejka Junior, Michael, Anastasias, Adriana and Ruben. Two daughters in the picture. on the left with Sofi with her two children (Olejka and Ady), with Arevik with three children on the right (Michael, Anastasia, Ruben).

His wife,Irina Pirumyan is a music teacher, author of more than 120 songs and one of the famous Stepanakert singers.



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